Solstice blessings

So many blessings coming your way on this EXTRA special Solstice portal...

How are you feeling in this moment my dears?

I would love to say I am feeling on top of the world, flooded with Solstice energies, having been steeped in ceremony and light codes delivered from the field...  but instead I feel a little like I have been buffeted about by a storm having not really slept deeply for days.  

The light that is coming in is strong.  I have been hearing high pitched frequency tones like never before, each one delivering a clear message.  

Do you also hear tones...? Please message me if you do! The tones have just amped up again and the reason we hear them is because our vagus nerve, which receives these frequencies, wraps behind our ears.  I just learnt that from Sandra Walter ... and I love it when I have revelations like this!  I hope this helps you too.

Rather than think about what this energy is all about it is simply our job to assimilate it and remain in our balanced state so as not to feel as if we have been plugged into a high voltage socket with no earthing capabilities.  Let's not get ourselves FRIED.. OK?!!

I am writing this note to you to give you some insight into what this special portal is all about, what is available to us and why it is important that we step up and become the clear channels for Mama Gaia. This is potent and rare Solstice event, in fact one that occurs every 26,000 years!  With this potent energy with have the ability to CO-CREATE our reality for 2016 like never before in this physical lifetime.  The frequency charge and light codes make this available to us... and it is our special job to open our prana tubes and become the conduits for this supercharged energy to allow it to stream on into the heart of our earth as she too is upgrading her software.

Focus on the expansion of your consciousness and your return to your true nature as wayshower of the New Earth and avatar of Christ Consciousness.

Phew... as I write this to you and open to the flow of divine information I am feeling sooooo much better, more activated and am fully expanding my field to create a safe container for all of our work over this time.  I am holding YOU dear brother / siSTAR!   It really is up to us to help create greater stability in these SUPERCHARGED times so I like to call on tools to help integrate and assimilate the frequencies.  I have shared a couple of practices for you to employ to prepare you for the light... 


This practice will help activate and open your chakras to allow you to become the channel for the Solar light energy.


This practice will help you to strengthen and clear your energetic field, making you more able to transmute unhelpful energies and live in your grounded and expanded (natural) state.  

If like me you have been feeling ungrounded and experiencing the light body 'symptoms' that come along with portal times I suggest you do the following:

  • Meditate - Do your own practice or try the chakra meditation above
  • Ground yourself by diving in the ocean or lying / planting your feet on the earth
  • Clear your field with the practice I have provided
  • Imagine your field expanding as you become the channel for these frequencies
  • Move your body in a way that feels good for you (I like to dance and shake my body)
  • Express any stuck emotions in your own personal preference of releasing technique (again sounding and shaking work so well)

And finally... Come together in ceremony with your friends to call in the special energies of this time. I am either heading to a beautiful sound circle group tonight  to sing the seeds of our intentions in resonant unified harmony... or to a kundalini dance cacao ceremony! Potent events for potent times!

Or, given my current mood I may well just stay home with my beloved husband and do our own special ceremonial activation and sound healing together.  It feels more like one of those days.

AND REMEMBER... this portal is open from now until Dec 25 so you have lots of assimilation time and much good work to do!

My dear siSTAR Kyrona also offers beautiful wisdom and tools for Solstice portal activation so if you feel drawn please check out her work.  

AND... I am setting CLEAR & STRONG intentions for incredibly powerful 2016 retreats.  

As you all know I am off to Goa very soon on January 12 and have space for 2 more goddesses to join my "Goa Goddess Retreat" (January 15 - 21)... Let me know ASAP if this calls you as these spaces won't last.  The work we will be doing in Goa includes my usual juicy embodied movement, yoga and goddess activation work but I have to say the healing and activating light frequency I am working with right now is super charged so expect a full power experience.  This is where the real magic happens on my retreats... in the space where I get out of the way and Spirit provides the medicine you need!      

Then I am off to Hampi for my intimate "Hampi Temple Activation Pilgrimage" to clear our channels, awaken our gifts and receive the transmission of the ancient wisdom... I have goosebumps thinking about what this trip will reveal for all of us!  

Want to know more?  Send me an email