Bringing the smoothie love to Wanderlust Festival!


Having yet another moment of feeling incredible lucky as more amazing opportunities flow my way. The power of intention is certainly an amazing tool. I’m blown away every day!

Now back to the point…

I have a little announcement for you. I’m so excited to report that I will be whipping up some of my favourite smoothies at WANDERLUST FESTIVAL in Sydney this weekend (and the crowd goes WILD!).  Wanderlust is a celebration of yoga, music, dance, delicious and conscious food, inspiring talks, amazing people, ethical shopping and sustainability.  I was lucky enough to be a part of the first ever Australian event in Melbourne on March 10 where my soul sista DJ RIA and I served up a whole lotta YogaRhythms deliciousness (more on YogaRhythms later).  For this Sunday’s gig you could be getting your downward dog on with a whole range of magical masters —  Eoin Finn (Canadian Blissologist), Cameron Shayne (USA guru killer and Budokon master), YogaBeyond’s (and my bosses) Claudine and Honza and the beautiful Angel and Matt from Future Sound of Yoga (plus many more… like Kate Kendall, Tiffany Cruikshank, Duncan Peak, Evangeline Yeun and her antigravity skills.. too much amazing for one post).

AND… This time round I’ll be OFF STAGE for a change, hanging with my blender and my peeps from House of Yoga, Redfern and making some smoothie magic in their stall!  I can’t wait to nourish you all with some goodness!


Those who know me well (or have been hanging on my instagram) know that I’m a sucker for a smoothie… green, pink, orange, brown, even lavender (that was today’s concoction)… I love them all, especially when they are nice and thick and I can eat them with a spoon!!

I’ll be bringing three of my favourite smoothie sensations to Wanderlust this Sunday… and here is a little taste for now.


Superfood smoothie trio






(cos you are gorgeous)

1 small frozen banana
approx 2 – 3 stalks of kale but discard the tough stalk and use the leaves (high in magnesium – the Queen of Greens to her friends and those in the know)
½ an avocado (the perfect food – high in good fat, over 20 essential nutrients… also great for smoothie consistency)

1 X young coconut – water & flesh (magical and super hydrating, great fats and electrolytes)
Some ice made with filtered water (fluoride and chemical free if poss)

1 tsp hemp seeds (high protein and omega 3s, lots of essential minerals — totally the sh*t)
1 tsp chia seeds (magical little balls of goodness – high in protein, omega 3s, antioxidants, calcium, iron.. the list goes ON!)
1 tsp bee pollen (massively energising, anti-inflammatory, good for immune health, fertility — and so pretty for decorating – GO BEES!
1 tsp spirulina (alkalizing, special green power protein, rich in vitamins so super nourishing)
1 tsp chlorella (also alkalising and a natural cleanser which is important due to the dirty/toxic world in which we live)
A little dulse seaweed (high in iodine and really nourishing for your thyroid – also helping to protect us from toxicity — uuuugh flouride!!)
Good pinch of cinnamon (anti bacterial and great for blood sugar control…and naturally sweet and delish)
Pinch of turmeric/or some fresh organic turmeric (anti imflammatory, anti bacterial and natural detoxer – YEP it’s radical!)
Optional – Pinch of cayenne, gubinge, lucuma, nutmeg, aloe vera, milk thistle, poppy seeds (for so many other reasons – to be discussed another day)


SJ the superfood smoothie goddess


The best (of the many amazing) thing(s) about Wanderlust Festival is that it is more or less totally FREE… so come down and get involved.  BYO mat, some stretchy pants, a hungry smoothie belly and an open heart!

Sunday March 30 from 8am – 8pm
Royal Botanical Gardens

Make sure you come say hi and get your free taste and massive hug … more recipes and juicy LOVE coming through on the blog soon!

SJ xx