Warming coco-berry brown rice porridge

This morning was one of those days were you wake up and say ‘holy crap it’s FREEZING outside!’  Hello Sydney winter loving-time!

I usually head to for blender to make a nutrient rich jar of liquid breaky but today it didn’t feel right.  My years of wellness experimentalism have proven to me that my body ALWAYS knows best.  Providing I can differentiate between the guidance that comes from my gut; the feelings, sensations and CRAVINGS that indicate what my body requires in the nutrient and mineral department, and the noise of my head (which generally asks for more Loving Earth raw chocolate ALL THE FREAKING TIME) I know that I’m in good hands.  Our bodies are super SMART and we should always get quiet and tune in to what they are trying to tell us… get connected and conscious and your world will literally open up – I promise!

So today’s self chat went a little something like this…

ME –       Yo beautiful body that I love unconditionally, what is it you need to feel nourished today?


ME –   Ok then 

So naturally I obliged (although I haven’t eaten porridge since OD-ing in Goa 2 years ago on so much brown rice date and banana goodness it was out of control… aaah the memories) … and so the coco-berry brown rice breaky risotto-esque concoction was born.  I highly recommend you give this baby a roll… It’s super delicious and I can still feel the LOVE and joy emanating from my belly as I write.

Coco-berry brown rice porridge:

Gluten, refined sugar, dairy free!!

Combine the following in a pot on the stove (low heat)

  • 2 cups organic brown rice (I had some left over from our intentional goddess gathering last night – more on that later)
  • a good splash of coconut milk (or cream if you are extra decadent.. or you can exchange for any other nut milk – preferably homemade) – your call on how wet you like your porridge.  I added a bit of spring water as well for some extra liquid.
  • roughly chopped organic figs
  • roughly chopped nuts (I used brazil nuts as they were in front of me on the bench)
  • shaved coconut
  • cinnamon
  •  fresh berries (well mine were actually frozen but not for long once they hit the pot)
  • chia seeds (about 2tbs)

Stir this delicious mixture of nourishing goodness together until it starts to blend… serve and garnish with some beautiful bits, and get it into your belly… savouring every mouthful.

OH – hold a beat… before you eat, actually as you cook, infuse your food with LOVE, GRATITUDE and POSITIVITY (and whatever it is you feel you need right now)… food is information, energy and vibration (just like us — cue Nahko and Medicine for the People track ‘I am a miracle made up of particles’) so what we eat we become… so BE LOVE (because you are).  

I’d LOVE to hear how your porridge experience turned out.  Share your comment here… and your photos on Facebook and instagram @sarahjaneperman #anopenheartlife.

Happy weekend, happy cooking…

Big opened hearted LOVE coming your way xx