Where did all the abundance go?

It has to be said that this year is off the hook in travel expenses for me and my beautiful beau.  We both have the same ideology – to live like rock stars and say yes to everything – and as a result we are travelling all over the place, for weddings, yoga, work and of course to reunite with our playa family at  Burning Man!!  Truly creating the rock star world of our dreams!!

Although we have only been together for a relatively short time we have both always lived like this, following our dreams, seizing the day and doing what many would think is not possible and way out of reach.  I always used to get asked how on earth I can travel so much with a full time job (and sometimes I wonder how I’ve pulled it off too) and how I find the money to have such radical adventures…  the answer is simple (yet sometimes hard to hold on to)… BELIEVE, TRUST and live your ABUNDANCE!  Just throw yourself off the cliff and know that once you have committed to something you will be supported, that is if you feel worthy of support (but that’s another story).

The reason this is coming up for me today is because we have been talking about money… money for all the flights, who is paying for what… uuugh… lots of 3D money bluurgh shit and it’s making us antsy.  I have tension and pain in my body.  I look tired.  I feel as if my vibration and dropped down a notch.  **REALITY CHECK FOR A SEC!! When on earth in this life have we ever got so stuck in the money vibe? And why would we want to start now?

I am writing this post as a little reminder to myself and the beau that we are being looked after and will never want for anything.

Get creative

Here are a few little tips to get you (and us) back on track… and free falling once again in the FLOW!!

1)  BE how you want your life to BE

In the book ‘Conversations with God’ Neale Donald Walsch describes our nature of believing that if we “have” a thing (more time, money, love — whatever), then we can finally “do” a thing  (write a book, take a trip etc), thus allowing ourselves “be” a certain way (eg happy!!).  In actuality we have this ALL WRONG.  We have reversed the Be-Do-Have paradigm.  In the Universe as it really is actually the other way around – First you must “BE” a certain way and then you will “HAVE” a certain state of being… comprende??   So the mantra here is to “BE” how you want to be…. Live your life like you want to live it… and the Universe will conspire to paint that picture for you.  Energy is handy like that!!  A useful way to set this creative process in motion is to look at what you “HAVE” and ask yourself what you would “BE” if you had that and then go straight into “BEING”, thus reversing the way you have been using the BE–DO–HAVE paradigm and working with the creative powers of the Universe.

In a nutshell – “In life, you do not have to do anything.  It’s all a question of how you are being!!”

And today we have been antsy, worried about money, feeling like we don’t have enough to fulfill our dreams… eeeek… not the best approach SJ and Joe!!! Let’s switch this up immediately!!

2)  See the world as abundant and ever providing

Change your perspective and consequently change your frequency!!   As I mentioned before, the world is working with you and HELPING your massively, providing you are on the same page and not on some self perpetuating negative trip!!

3)  Affirm it with words and vibration: I attract success and abundance into my life because that is who I am.

SAY it out loud… sing it even!  Change your vibration and tell the Universe that you are ready to go.  It needs to know you are ready so speak up!!  As per my first point, you need to “BE” the destination or the goal (and you already are cos all of this wonder and limitless potential is already inside each and every one of us) but sometimes you need to remind yourself!! OUT LOUD!!

4)  Trust and ALLOW

Often when we block the energies that are here to work with us it is because of some deep internal stop signs.  Only you can go within to acknowledge and work through the old patterns of thinking and blockages that may be holding you back and stalling you prosperity and joy. In the words of Wayne Dyer, “Resistance is disharmony between your desire for abundance and your beliefs about your ability or unworthiness”.  By allowing we create the perfect alignment and end the negativity and doubt… knowing that you are one with the Universe and everything is going to totally cool.  Just picture and BE where you want to be and the rest will be taken care of!

5) Practice abundance

Just because you are asking for lots of Universal help does not been you are going to use up all the good stuff – guess what – It’s unlimited!! YEAH!! So be generous and know that it is all coming back to you (and everyone) providing you are open to receiving and allowing… use your prosperity to raise the vibration of others.

6)  High vibes!!

Monitor your  emotions as a guidance system for your connection to the Universal mind of intention.  When you are inspired and passionate you will activate dormant forces and set the abundance FLOWING… but when you are negative, anxious, angry, hateful and low vibrational this is a red flag to tell you that you are a little out of the flow… Vibes UP at all times PLEASE and remind yourself in these negative times that you want to feel good, thus setting that intention in motion.

7)  Be grateful!!

So I feel we have some work to do… !! I hope this is of use… I’ve certainly re-inspired myself :).  Let me know if I can help as I would be more than happy to work with you – get in touch! xx

“The energy that creates worlds and universes is within you. It works through attraction and energy. Everything vibrates; everything has a vibratory frequency. As St. Paul said, “God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance.” Tune to God’s frequency, and you will know it beyond any and all doubt! The ever knowledgeable Wayne Dyer

* *Thanks you to Neale Donald Walsch and Wayne Dyer for helping me with some abundance love… I’m ever grateful for you work.. LOVE!  xx

If you want to work with me on some tips to tap into your abundance drop me a line at hello@sarahjaneperman.com.

My Ibiza Goddess Retreat is also ALL ABOUT this stuff and I would LOVE to have you there with me.