Ask and thou shalt receive

I’m sure you’ve heard these words before… either in a scripture from Sananda (or Jesus) or another self development blog or forum.

And I want to ask you a question – do you really believe that you can ask and get what you want?

I mean … really believe?

Believe that you can get the help you need in any moment, call in your twin flame, call in abundance, discover your mission on this planet, launch your projects, find a dream home…  and the list goes on… and on… and on!

In my meditation this morning I was told I needed to remind you of this… to remind you that help and Universal assistance is but a mere phone call away.  Dialling in the support of a whole company of energetic light beings, of ascended masters, of angels, of goddesses, of energy bodies here to help you (yes YOU – you have your own dedicated support team and they are feeling under utilised)…!

All you need to do is get quiet, dial up the cosmic frequency and lay it all down.

Lay down the wishes…

Put your hands up and say “OK… I’m tired of doing it all on my own.  Can you please help me?!”

Sometimes the answers flow freely for me… sometimes I feel myself blocking the energy.  Right now, my own practice is centred around asking for help to get out of my own way. To become truly open to the energy of Source and than allowing my busy mind to run the show.  To become the hollow bone… the vessel… the conduit bringing the messages and the healing energy to the earth.

Now, my beautiful Mum who has been channeling for many years once told me that our energetic cheer squad (as I like to think of them) can only help when we are OPEN and in a state of ALLOWING.  When we are stamping our feet, having a tantrum, so caught up in our own drama all they can do is stand back and watch and send us love.  Somewhat like a two year old having a throw down in supermarket whilst a patient Mum tries her best to make it stop… sometimes she just has to stand back and allow the flailing limbs and screaming to end of it’s own accord… generally in an exhausted heap.

Our Galactic & energetic supporters can only step in when we give them permission and we fully ALLOW them to come through.

We can all channel if we are open to it.  It is just like tuning a radio and I have found myself receiving messages since I was a child, but depending on how tuned in I am, I may only receive abut 1/24th of what I’m being sent.  It is a practice and once you find the station (again like a radio) you are locked and loaded… and it is freaking cool!!

The more our world shifts (and it is at a rapid rate) this stuff will become common place… we will no longer need the harmful wifi as we will be so linked into the Universal grid that we will be able to access whatever we need simply by tuning in… and we will be able to teleport, bi-locate, and communicate telepathically… maybe we already are and our conscious mind hasn’t recognised it!?

YES – this may sound out there but we are on our way dear ones… and I am bubbling with excitement.  Every day I am remembering more and more of my gifts and going within to re-learn how to use them.

This is what I feel and what I have been told.  AND I am so excited to be on earth at this time – right?  How cool is it?

So make this your daily practice:

  • Take some deep breaths into your belly to allow yourself to drop into you body and into a state of meditation.
  • Feel your energy grounding down into the crystalline core of the earth (spiralling down your spine)
  • Feel your energy spiralling up from your root chakra
  • Feel this energy meeting in your heart and activating your torodial field (more on this in another post)
  • Feeling your energy moving in it’s perfectly dynamic flow process
  • Now allow your mind to be free from thoughts… don’t panic if this feels impossible.  Just be at one with whatever comes up for you.
  • Start to call in your guides, your angels – ensuring that you only ask for those who are working with you for your highest good.  Those who love you completely.  So long as you are in a space of love, confidence and divine protection your field will bounce off any negativity.  Like attracts like so BE THE LOVE and remove the fear and anxiety… and I know this can be a little tough when you are new to this.  I promise I have been free-styling this work intuitively since I was a kid and although I have become aware of dark energy from time to time I have always felt completely protected as light always triumphs over dark.
  • Ask all the questions your heart desires… I like to FEEL the answers.  Sometimes I hear a voice but usually it is more of a feeling.  Sometimes I suspect I could be having a conversation with my mind which is all too possible as it is very noisy but then there are other moments when I feel I am in complete communion with Spirit.       
  • Thank your guides and allow yourself to come back into your body with a deeper breath, with a little movement… maybe even lie down for a moment to integrate.
  • I also find journaling afterwards keeps the messages flowing…

WOW – This was supposed to be a post about simply asking for help and it definitely got a little juicier.   

I suspect all of my work is going down this path as this is where I am being told I need to go… so I hope you like and are up for coming on this journey with me!

I would love to hear how you find these ideas and this technique.

Big Monday love to you all… 

Now go forth and ask for help!

And email me if you have any questions –