The forgotten goddesses

In the past years I have been called from my heart and from the messages I receive in my meditations to connect with the forgotten goddesses… the lesser known female ascended masters… 

I feel these powerful incarnations of the divine feminine hold part of the key to the healing of our Mother Earth and our awakening from our long dark slumber.  These powerful female energies will aid our journey of transmutation back to the light…

and holy heck, are we ever in a state of transformation right now…?! This is the time to be doing the light work my dear ones!

In order to help educate and uplift you on your own journey of awakening, thus in turn helping the global mission of helping Gaia in her own process of ascension (because we know that by awakening ourselves we shine out own light triggering the greater awakening of the planet), I feel to share my ‘go to’ goddesses as I feel you may also like to invoke them for support and guidance on your journey.

Female ascended masters who are my key confidants are Quan Yin, the divine goddess of mercy and compassion, Mary Magdelene (or Lady Master Magda) the twin flame of Sananda (or Jesus), Goddess Isis (who I am deeply connected to through past life work at the Isis Temple in Egypt – more on that later)  and to a lesser extent Lady Nada who works in endless loving service to the field of healing and truth.

I will introduce them (and a few more I love and work with) over a series of posts with some processes to help with to welcome them into your energy field (because I promise they are standing by waiting for your call).

In part one of this post I would like you to meet Quan Yin:


Quan Yin is a female star in the Buddhist tradition and, although Buddhism has never really resonated with me I feel her presence with me always.  She embodies the qualities of compassionate and loving kindness is also a powerful Master of healing.  She is the divine feminine equivalent to Mother Mary, Goddess Isis and Shakti and her full name means “She who listens to the cries of the World”.  She has vowed to remain in the earthly realms until all other living souls have completed their own enlightenment.  She is selflessness and compassion personified and inspires me to do my best to operate from the space of unconditional love. 

Quan Yin works with us to help us in attaining the qualities of compassion, forgiveness and love.  She wants us to heal our heart chakra and relieve the wounds of our emotional body.  She helps us remove the blocks that keep us stuck in a state of non-belief in our gifts, or lack of self confidence… or in any state of hurt or emotional pain.   So many of us carry old wounds that we may not even consciously connect to in this life… I mean really old energetic baggage from many many lifetimes ago.  These may leave us feel unloved, unsure of who we are  and perhaps assuming the role of the archetypal energy of the victim.  In order to move forward, specifically in this time of huge transition and awakening we must let go of the stuff and resolve the parts that we are carrying like old, heavy and harmful baggage that we have come to view as our “story” when it isn’t really a part of us at all…. not who we TRULY are anyway.  

Quan Yin helps us to understand that we are loveable and loved, and this enables us to be loving and forgiving towards others.  When we find the love & compassion in our own heart first then we re able to shine it out to the world.

 Quan Yin’s message is simple: (and I quote from the Lightworkers network)

You as me: “what is Karma?” Well, let me tell you this, it is not a punishment. It is, rather, a balance sheet of cause and effect that YOU keep for yourself. All of life presents you with lessons to learn, for that, after all, is the point of being in physical existence. If you had nothing more to learn, or if you had chosen not to learn but to remain in ignorance, then you would not have left the heart of God. And you need to see and understand those lessons from both sides, and to experience all aspects of life: happy and sad; calm and stormy; pain and peace. And you also need to gain the realisation that all actions have consequences, and that some actions bring you closer to your Christ-self – your Divine Self – than others.

If returning to Unity with God is your ultimate goal, then you need to live AS God: as  a loving, compassionate and merciful being of Light. For it is that path that brings the most peace to your soul and the most joy to your heart. Can you imagine a life full of peace and joy? Try now…. You can have this if you choose, for you make many choices every day – you can choose to be humble and forgiving; loving and giving in thought, word and deed; a friend to yourself as well as a friend to others. You do not have to carry the burden of unhappiness or discontent, if you choose not to. Unburden yourself daily of all hurts, troubles and upsets that have beset your day and sincerely ask for the Flame of Forgiveness and Mercy to transmute wrongs (real or perceived) done to you, or that you have done to others and I will intercede for you.

 I work with Quan Yin in the following way… 

When I meditate I first connect into the hollow crystalline core of the earth, feeling my feminine energy travelling down through my crown chakra.  I also envisage my divine masculine energy travelling up from the Earth, activating each chakra on the way up…

.. and then these energies meet in the heart.

Once in the heart I call on Quan Yin to help me move through and let go of the old and to find and remain in a space of heart, love and compassion and I feel this is a deep pink/purple flame.  This is the Mercy flame of divine love tempering the divine will of God helping to facilitate transformation by letting go of the old and compassion.

I call on Quan Yin to be with me and walk by my side, really asking for help on anything that I am going through.

It’s actually funny for me to write this process down as it is something that is very intuitive and usually at the same time I am working with a whole company of heaven and the Galactic Light Federation (but more on them  later – I think I am being off planet enough for you now ).

I also feel I had a very strong communion with Quan Yin whilst meditating with Ida Resit Alit a High Priestess who gives water blessings near Ubud in Bali.  She came to me and showered me with her Mercy flame and her sacred tones of sound healing.  If you are ever in Bali I highly recommend spending as much time with Ida as you can.  If you come to my next Bali retreat with me in May 2015 we will all go for a healing together.

I would love you hear your experience of working with Quan Yin and if this wort of sharing resonates with you.  This information and works feels very powerful for me to share so I would love to her your feedback.

PS  - this is just the tip of the iceberg… there is so much exciting work to come!