Shifting times

Many of of you have been reaching out to me for answers about why life feels so intense and CRAZY right now so I feel to write to you from what I feel.  As you well know I am no astrologer, scientist or expert… I just report on my guidance and intuition (with a little help from my divine conduit – my Mumma Sandy – who helps me when I do not feel so clear).  So I urge you to read my words and feel into what they say.  Leave what does not resonate and take on why feels true.  This is your own movie of life after all and I am but a mere character in your story.

We are but a week away from a major date in the history of our planet.  September 23 (the Equinox) has seen us pass through the Blood Moons and other timely astro events and we find ourselves on the precipice of full activation and ascension.  Our planet is moving into a new part of the solar system and everything feels different and perhaps also looks different depending on how you assimilate information.  There are major gamma rays of light coming at us, flooding our field and changing the world as we know it forever.  In the past when this happened (although never in our lifetime for 1000s of years) we have experienced major leaps in evolution.  Let’s just say we are awakening to the gifts that have lain dormant for all too long as we have been stuck in ignorance, separated from the wisdom and remembrance of who we truly are.   Many of us have already caught glimpses of the magic and wisdom that resides within.  The indigo children who are here and being born are connected to so much of it and this is why they are not fearful at all in this time as they know the bounty that is coming… but for the rest of us… we have to fasten our seat belts as this road to awakening may be a little (or a lot) bumpy!!!

I quote a recent channeling from my guides:

These weeks, on our earth plane are intense ones of adjustment, of acceptance (or not) of the new energies which are being spread far and wide on our planet. Your very air, your very earth, your very densely compacted energy system is being penetrated with the strongest yet safest frequencies that we can send to you in order to bring a larger proportion of life to a higher frequency at one time. 

Many have been talking of major events around this time… some very catastrophic for the planet.  There has been suggestions of a major cleanse that could see us reduce significantly in population.

I have to admit I do sometimes read these theories… of asteroids hitting our planet and total destruction and would generally not engage with them as I truly believe that we are being assisted and supported by our galactic brothers and sisters and that the more we can raise the vibration on our planet that no harm can come… However, having just been through the horrific valley fire in North California, received the news of the earthquake in Chile and really experienced first hand the power of Mother Nature I feel that more of this is yet to come.  The energy is big is it’s far from over yet.

Before you panic I want to remind you that we all signed up to this and that whatever happens is exactly as it should be.  I like to think of myself before I was in this body making deals on what sort of life I needed to have to learn and to work through old karma.. and as souls, this is a totally radical and exciting time to be on this planet.  In fact I like to think that there was a waiting list to be alive at this time – these are red hot tickets to the greatest show on earth!

so with all this in mind… please step forward through this time with confidence that the future is oh so bright – regardless of what happens on the physical plane – and that on some level we are all rejoicing to be present to such an incredible experience.  Remembering that we all signed up for this mission and that it is all unfolding perfectly in line with our divine plan or dharma.

If we are faced with with big earth events and you are caught in the middle (like I was in the fire – surrounded by flames, completely trapped and genuinely concerned for my life in that moment) it is important however to always keep in mind that there may be actual physical danger, so do not be so light-hearted as to fully trust that your higher feelings of “trusting All” are more insightful that your own primal instincts. After all we are in a physical experience and the experience is very real. You must always take care of your own vehicle, your own temple, your own combination of physical systems [bodies] which allow you to enjoy and to participate in your experience on the earth plane.

There is also a chance that not all of us are ready to step forward into this new reality and accept these new frequencies, igniting our grid system and, as a result, there may be some souls whose physical bodies do not survive this process of upliftment.  Please rest easy in the knowledge that there is no grief on their part as this is all part of their process, but please give yourself space to process a cleanse, igniting and firing of the earth that may mean that a portion of life is swept from our earth plane and up into the plane of light.

If you feel fear and sadness … I ask you to place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly and tune into what you need to do.  Tune into your guidance and open yourself to the frequencies coming our way.

Know that you are surrounded with love, with care, with the vibrational frequency which will best allow you to be discerning, to be attuned to any dangers, to be attracted to those places and people who will uplift you and keep you safe.

In the words of my higher guides… please know that your own energetic team is there for you.  An myself, my mother and beloved husband (we are a small team in this ascension process – I should tell you more about this soon) are with you.

We stand beside you, within you, at all times.

Know this and be safe.

Know this and be loved.

Know this and be uplifted.

SJ xx