How to ground yourself in meditation

I’m writing this as I sit here surrounded by the majestic, magical rocks of Hampi, India.  This is a place that holds supreme power for me in this life and my ancestral lineage (so the messages tell me).  The spirit of nature is so strong here… the sublime landscape of giant boulders seemingly precariously placed on top of one another, surrounded by bodies of flowing water and lush green rice paddies.  The energy of the earth really speaks to me and I can even see the nature spirits flying before my eyes like little sparks of star dust, or tiny fire flies across the sky.  They appear when I am completely stable in my energy, anchored in the heart, in a state of no mind… becoming an clear vessel open to receive.

This is why I am here.  To stabilise, the anchor myself into the centre of the earth and create the strong foundation for more activation to occur.  When my friend Mounir met me the other day and mentioned this retreat led by Maya Mandala (whom I was yet to come to know) I immediately felt I needed to be here.  Then my mind stepped in and confused everything.  How can I go when I have so much work to do?  Do I really want to go on retreat with 30 Russian dakinis (and be the only English speaker)?  How will I feel about not being able to dance with the goddesses? (I clarify – this is an advanced retreat of initiated dakinis who have already been practicing with Maya for years so I came in knowing full well I was not to be included in the dance but would be doing DEEP work with Mounir and the boys).

I had strong resistance to leaving my comfortable Arambol life but my heart simply would not let me be.  The feelings of exclusion and separation and the yearning to dance had to be pushed aside and 3 days ago I found myself on route to this magical land.

So much has happened to me already and we still have 3 more days to go.  Our sunrise and sunset practices have been my most powerful experiences yet and I feel blessed to be working a group of Russian priestesses whose power surpasses anyone I have ever worked with before (and Maya – WOW… just WOW… I want to follow her around the globe… she is not of this world at all).

More on all of these experiences in detail later… but for now I want to share a energy stabilisation technique that can be used for increasing receptivity, healing ourselves, clearing the channel and sending our light out to the world.

When you close your eyes and follow your breath into meditation imagine a tube moving down your spinal column.  The prana (or life force) tube moves through each chakra and activates these energy wheels along the way.

Feel as if you are sending energy down through the tube deep into the crystalline core of mother earth… creating a root system to keep you anchored.

Feel as if you are opening your crown chakra to receive the energy of father sun, your higher self, the ascended masters, the archangels, supreme consciousness, the Universe!

The energy of mother earth and father sun meet in the heart chakra… the space of the little child.. and from here you can beam it out to the world… directing it wherever  you feel it needs to go.  To places of war, of devastation, to people who are sick, people who have passed over, your lovers, your friends… the entire Universe!  Yes… YOU my dear are THAT POWERFUL!  You are an avatar, an electric light body having a human experience and you are remembering your MAGIC in every moment!

This practice of grounding before you expand is crucial as I have certainly noticed in my own playful practice with energy that this is what I was missing.  I was great at expanding my consciousness and opening the top chakras but I was not so good as clearing and grounding through the base.  This is no surprise as our bottom few chakras are very much of this physical world, our fears, our stories, the experiences that we have held on to that keep us stuck in pain. For me it was easier to go up as it was too scary to go down (deep into the basement)…   But I assure you (as I have been experiencing more and more this week), as the energy / electricity gets stronger you’ve got to get it into the ground (and for that you need a clear prana tube and a solid foundation).

Another grounding technique I have used for many years is to visualise myself in a pyramid when I am working with strong energy (and actually all of the time).  The scared geometry of the pyramid is perfect to give you roots into the earth energy and expansion upwards (and up and up and up and UP!!).  I like to see my pyramid filled with light… and sometimes it is a crystal filled with the rainbow of light of my choice.

Give this a try and let me know how you feel.  

My work now is to do my best to stay in the state of ‘no mind’ all the time.  To be in the alpha wave state of meditation, moving through life with the prana tube activated and in full flow, completely stable and grounded in my energy and OPEN to receive the higher frequencies…

Imagine that? A life of total connection, stability of the emotional body, operating from a place of total grounding and divine trust… radiating healing light beams from the heart… healing our beautiful Mother Earth and everyone and everything that needs our love and light.  

This is where we are going (and maybe we are already there)… the future is so exciting now that we are remembering our magic!