It’s time to open the door to Spirit

This morning I read some words from a soul sister that were all too timely.  As per usual they sprung up as a reminder of something I have known in my heart.

This was a reminder about connecting to Source. 

And gosh knows if you have been following me for some time this is a favourite thing for me total about…

Well… in this moment I acknowledge how disconnected I have been… yes… this is the truth.

As Spiritual women that we are, we are all too aware of the times that we are in full flow

Feeling safe…

No fear… No scarcity… with life feeling like a beautiful and graceful place

These are moments of total connection to the Source energy… meaning that we can be in the space of allowing with no hesitations.

Filled & anchored in the energy of Spirit.

 On the flip side, when we disconnect from this potent energy things get raggedy…

Chaos ensues… 

We drop out of the body and into the head and into total overwhelm with the mounting to do list, money worries etc bouncing around like a ping pong match on speed.

We lose the ability to connect so deeply to our intuition as we simply cannot hear the messages that are being delivered to us as we are in flight or flight.

Survival mode.  Certainly not the juiciest place to live from.

and here’s the kicker… when we find ourselves in this place of the Lower Self (or 3D self)… which can feel like a prison with no escape route… WE are the one’s keeping us locked up in suffering.

Source energy is always there for us to plug into…

Our team of Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters are always there waiting to help… However it is up to us to OPEN THE DOOR… and while we are floundering around in a *shit storm* all they can do is look on and wait until we have calmed down.  Somewhat like a child having a full blown tantrum… you have to wait for the storm to break before you can take them into your arms.

Rose Cole also gave the example of feeling like an empty water bottle rolling around in the waves when we are disconnected from Source… and when we reconnect it is like we always have an anchor… so no matter how big the waves get we still have our centre.

So my dear ones… it is up to us to find that anchor… all of us… me especially in these times of coming weddings and another 6 months on the road.

Believe me, I’ve navigated much of my life without this deep connection (although I now remember all of the times that I was invited to remember this connection through messages, signs and communications from Spirit that I was not quite ready to receive and understand) and I’ve been thrown around through addictions, anxiety, depression and medication… if only I realised this in my 20’s WOW life would be so much different! And, if I’m honest, having my own business has me constantly coming up again fear, scarcity and overwhelm issues.  I seem to have drawn it to me to teach me and remind me that I am always supported so long as I remember to connect.

It’s like the life buoy is always there next to us but we don’t reach out and grab it… the hand is always there waiting to help us up when we fall but we are too blinkered to our reality that we don’t see it.

I’m telling you dear ones… Source is there… Spirit is there…

it’s time to open the door…

The time is now and it is up to us to stay in the heart, stay connected to be the way showers for our families, our communities and the world… to lead by example.. showing another way to be…  and raise the vibration through this ascension process.

Establish the strong spiritual foundation… everything else will follow…

The Sacred Sisterhood is a place where we will be going deeper into this Source connection.  To awaken our own natural abilities to connect to Spirit.  

There is a space left for you dear sister… if you feel called register here.

Here are some ways I like to plug back in when I lose the connection:

Tune into the energy of nature.  In our techno world we often have to go back to natural places to be reminded of the feeling of the energy of Spirit.  Plant your barefoot on the earth and feel into it
Meditate in your sacred space… make this a not negotiable daily ritual
Get back into your body with movement and by breathing deeply into your belly
Sing and allow the vibration to get you out of your head
Listen to  / read spiritual resources by your favourite guides.  This always brings me back on track.  My favourite is to listen to channelled messages from Kyron as this collection of energies always opens the door for me.
One love sweet sister…

If you ever want to talk about your experiences I am here for you… Book a session with me today!