Listen to the messages

Ever since I was a little girl I have received messages from Spirit

They come in communication in dreams, of synchronistic meetings and happenings

The TV and radio in our house used to turn on and off frequently when something was coming through

And I have always heard tones… buzzing and ringing in my ears…

When I feel into it I know I was communicating easily when I was a child, as many children do.  Right now I am in a house with two babies under two and watching them observe, download and receive information from this realm and the next is so beautiful.  You never quite know what they are processing.

I have no doubt I was adventuring in my consciousness in my sleep and meeting with my multidimensional selves with no fear… and it was a beautiful and natural experience… as it should be.

I do remember when the fear came in. 

There were times when I was about 8 and then again at 12 that there was something going down in my sleep as I was always afraid that I would never wake up and I used to say a prayer before bed that I would hope that I would survive through the night to finish my knitting or cross stitch or whatever creative project I was working on.

The fears were strong and now, with my communication with other realms, I know in my heart they did not just spring out of nowhere.  I was doing some big and confronting work in my sleep, possibly with some beings I was not so comfortable with.  I’m not saying that they were bad or out to harm me but they were just a lot for my child self to process… and perhaps there were times when it felt like it was my time to leave the planet and I obviously didn’t want to.

This may come as a surprise to you but many of us (in fact I would say all of us) are being worked on in our sleep and there are way too many reports of children talking about their galactic adventures in the night.  Often this is brushed off as dreams or stories but I assure you it feels very real to me.

Do you ever wake up feeling unrested, like you have run marathons, or being in brain over drive…? well chances are something is being upgraded in you

Now… I’m not going all X-Files and alien abduction, implants in your neck on you.. what I am saying is that there are energies from other dimensions that our here to help us through this ascension process.  Our DNA is being upgraded and we are seeing the signs more clearly than ever as we begin to wake up out of our long slumber of disconnection.

I’m sorry if any of this sounds blunt but the more I connect with my mission on this planet the more I feel to share without worrying about how your will receive it.

Every might before I go to bed I say these words:

I open myself to those who love me unconditionally and work with me for my highest good to receive healing, upgrades, codes and frequencies that are available to be while I sleep. 

In saying these words I open the door for my healing… and believe me it’s much cheaper than getting massages and other therapies!  And it works… although often your dreams will be intense and you may wake up feeling like you have been worked on intensely.

I also want you to see if you can start hearing tones.

I realised in my mid 20’s that these strange sounds that I have heard since birth are actually opportunities to connect to other realms.  You can think of the toning frequency that is always there on some level for me but then louder and very strong at times.  Somewhat like the ring tone of a call on the Spirit telephone (but no – it does not sound like a telephone ring ! ).

When I hear these tones I get quiet, breathe into my heart, open my prana tube, get in my pyramid (with it’s 4 corners anchoring me into the earth and its point connecting me to the higher realms), I press the tips of my fingers together to connect the grid points between myself, the earth, Source etc and I ask for the messages to come through.  Depending on how open I am and quiet in my mind I can hear (or well in my case feel them) coming through.

We all have the ability to connect like this… it is like finding a station on a radio.

And I have good news for those who are new to this experience.

As the frequency on our planet is shifting so has the Spirit radio station changed too.  So for many of us who have been doing this work for a time we are having to drop what we know and open ourselves to a new way.  Much like we have to adapt to a new computer operating system when Apple sends through a Mac update.  And when we are attached to the way that we work this can be challenging… so in some ways being a freshie is even better as all you have to do is be open, ready and in belief that you can receive.

Please let me know if you like this information.  I have much more to share but am not sure what you guys are ready for.

Hopefully I didn’t go to X-Files on you… !

For those who loved this you’ll LOVE and offering I have coming out soon.  A mini course in working with Spirit.

It makes me feel excited to bring this baby into the world!


Love & cosmic blessing… xx