The sacred significance of 8.8.8 Lionsgate

It’s no surprise that my beloved and I decided to wed this Saturday August 8, 2015.  The date itself came to us somewhat by chance… but in these times of divine magnetism, heightened awareness and messages from above I know that our higher selves chose this date for us due to it’s energetic significance (even though on face value it may have simply seemed like a nice day for a wedding).

This Saturday is the 8.8.8 Lionsgate dear ones.. .and a major portal day in our galactic year. 

and we feel so blessed to be bringing our nearest and dearest together to unite in ceremony, raise the frequency and open ourselves to the energies on this powerful day…  and what better place to spend it than in the Merlin country of North Wales?

The Lionsgate falls after the end of the planetary new year (July 26) and is the historical moment when the constellation of Leo aligns with the Pyramid complex at Giza. It is a time of new cycles, of clearing and according to one of my sources it celebrates the moment when the Blue Star Sirius rises in the morning sky at the same time and in nearby location to our Sun. It is the time when Earth has Two visible “suns” in the sky. The one sun is Golden, and the other is Blue in Frequency. This conjunction of Stars celebrates the long connection between Earth, and its Sun, and the Star System of Sirius.

In ancient Egyptian / post Atlantean times the rising of Sirius also marked the time that the Nile rose and flooded the plains of Egypt nourishing the crops and creating new life and signifying the return of Abundance and Blessings to the land.

Sirius is a star system that is dear to my heart and an energy that I tune into regularly .. as this is the energy ofChrist Consciousness.  The energy of Divine Love and Compassion.  The Sirians manifested on the Earth plane as teachers coming to assist humanity to remember who we are… and these star teachers include Isis (my favourite Goddess energy) and Osiris and I feel them working through / with us now as we start to remember that we too are part of these star systems… in fact, in our multidimensional avatar selves we are existing in many of these star systems and dimensions all at once ( please note - this will only become palatable if you can wrap your head around the fact that time is non linear – WOAH… is this too much from me on a Wednesday?… perhaps I will explain this another time in more detail).   Other Sirian Avatars include Jesua (Jesus) and Mary Magdelene, together embodying the Divine Masculine and Feminine… and I get so excited when I feel this powerful  energy shining through in the union of many of my friends and their Twin Flames.  Although some believe that there can only be one manifestation of the energy of Jesus / Mary at a time I personally feel their energies coming through each of us – myself and Joe included – and it makes me smile in my heart… oh what a time to be walking this path!

From July 26 a powerful Vortex opens that allows the Christ Consciousness codes to flood the Earth grids.  For some this may seem intense… a time to face EVERYTHING and let it go… to wipe the old program clean to make way for the new ones.  I have faced this big time in organising a wedding and having lots of people travel across the world to see me.  I find this very confronting as, despite my outward appearance I don’t really like being in the spotlight.

And it is the energy of Lion that is important here too – hence the Lionsgate.  The Lion is the Frequency Keeper of Africa and also represents Spiritual Power, and Yeshua/Jesus was known as the “Lion of Judah”, as the representative of the Sirian avatar line on Earth.

It is no surprise that Cecil the Lion has become centre stage at this time as, as he effectively allowed himself to become a martyr (somewhat like Jesus) to teach the world love and compassion.  His story flooded the internet and created a ripple effect, getting people to rise up and feel!  Cecil the Lion sacrificed his life to bring the awareness of the Spirit that lives on within each of us infinity.

So… back to our wedding and the Lionsgate.

From July 26 to August 12 the portal is open and the new Codes and Information are ours to receive, creating the template for our year ahead. The climax is on Saturday August 8 – our wedding – so this is the time to be PRESENT… feel… open… ask to receive… and ground the energy into the heart of Mother Gaia.

even if you don’t really know what all of this means, simply by reading this message from me you are opening your awareness to something so much bigger.  You higher self gets it… as does your Avatar Consciousness so just be with the information and allow it to integrate as it feels to.

I must add that our families – the Permans & the Crossleys – don’t really know about this (aside from my Mumma who is obviously tuning into all of it as the channel she is)… and it is unlikely that we will ask the Vicar to announce it as part of his wedding sermon, however it is enough for us to bring a big group of people together, on sacred land to witness the union of twin flames… like Jesua and Maryto bring in Chris Consciousness and anchor it into our hearts for the healing and ascension of our Earth.

Let me know if you have any questions as I have many resources to share… however I’m sure you already know that the best resource for you lies within.

Love & Lionsgate blessings…