Xmas at my house

As I get ready to receive my 15 guests tomorrow I felt to share what Xmas at my house looks like this year. 

I just shed a little tear looking at photos popping up on my feed of family Xmas in Perth (my home town) and I often catch myself thinking (mainly on holidays) what my life would have been like if I had stayed in Perth, in my beloved role at West Australia Ballet, being a socialite (of sorts), wearing glamorous dresses, going to balls, and footballs matches and boating (generally drinking champagne).  It's these times of year that I acknowledge the traditional side of myself who still loves all of those things even though life has pushed me out to experience a new way of being... and perhaps shed light on a new way that we all can live. So today I hold space for the little me who is missing her family and her roots very much. 


The sun shines in Sydney and I am getting ready to play hostess to 15 orphans from across the globe and call in the traditional Christmas magic in our lovely borrowed garden apartment.

Our Menu...

Warning in advance, as I am catering for many carnivores, vegans please look away now as meat and seafood will be featured on this menu.  We have an incredible chef staying with us right now... Simon Sutcliffe who catered our wedding in Wales and he is in charge of all meat (phew) which is lucky as I would have no clue what to do with it.   


Wild Australian prawns served with fresh lemon



Grass fed roast beef with red wine and current jus

Tarragon roast chicken with white wine jus

A medley of coconut oil roast pumpkin, parsnip, new potatoes, kumera, carrot, red onion and garlic, rubbed with himalayan salt

Green Goddess Xmas stuffing (I am so excited to make this GF, Vegan recipe from my dear friend Mel Wells -) 

Steamed greens


Raw chocolate and salted caramel almond cake  (I make this every year - SF, Vegan, GF)

Mini pavlovas topped with clotted cream & berries (def not SF, GF, DF) 

Debortoli Noble One Dessert Wine

Post Script:

Bliss balls, shortbread & cherries




So far the raw cake is made, stuffing prepped, shopping almost done, the house filled with flowers and I even made a slightly random Xmas tree last night.  Have a look at the photo below and tell me what you think.  You see, we have some guests in town from the UK and I think they will like the Australian touch (spot the koalas). 

One more thing...   

This time of "CHRISTmas" is so much more to me than the consumerism and the family gatherings.  This is a time that the earth is being streamed with Chirst Consciousness.  This is a time of blessing for our planet and all creation as we gently migrate an entire reality to the Christed grid systems.

Here is also a little channelled message from the collection of energies that are watching over us and guiding us with so much love via my dear Mumma. 

We wish you great happiness in the season of giving, of receiving, of bathing in the joy of Christ passion. Your world is being flooded with the energies of Christ consciousness at this time. Know that it is affecting all, and further enhancing the abilities of everyone to love more fully and to be less judgemental, less reticent, less afraid of love.

so my beloved ones...

Here's to a New Year and New Earth Nation that is free from fear, filled with compassion and totally drenched in LOVE. 


Love you x