Vibrate higher

high frequency 

We use this term a lot... but do we really understand it?

In the words of my dear brainy husband the explanation is simple:

Dense matter has a high vibration and low oscillation
Less dense matter has a low vibration and high oscillation

So... If our intention is to resonate with a higher less dense "4D+" frequency, stillness and oscillation is in fact the highest vibration.

We do this because it makes us and everyone around us feel good and calls in all the great things to us... filling us with the highest resonance of which is L O V E - and we all like a bit of love now don't we...?

In this moment I realise I have not been vibrating in this way... in fact quite the opposite. Although I usually feel like I have a strong anchor to the earth and an expanded field I have allowed myself to get drawn into stress, anger and lots of other people's pain.

Today has been particularly face slapping... and naturally I consulted my Galactic Mayan Astrology iphone app and (of course) today is "White Overtone Mirror"... meaning that everything I am putting out there is getting reflected straight back to be and literally slapping me in the face. OUCH. Had I been tuning into the love resonance things would have been rather different but instead I decided to feel irritated, betrayed, pissed off, angry, emotional and overwhelmed... and as I stare into the mirror if get dished back to be big time.

Have you ever stared into the mirror when you are crying....? I used to do it lot as a child (I know - weird)... I can promise you it make it way worse and the tears roll much more steadily. This feels like the mirror effect...

So I hear by remind myself and us all of the power of our vibration and what it calls in... we are magnetic you see... so vibrate with the good stuff to call in the good stuff... so vibrate the negative stuff to call in the other stuff...

Either way you are never wrong... we are always calling in the medicine we need.