I am a Serpent Woman

Serpent Woman

This is my archetype... the Red Serpent... the dakini... the sex initiate. This is why I chose to be born on the day I came into this body. I chose that day because I chose this job on earth.

I am a Red Overtone Serpent... this is my Galactic Mayan Signature. 
My husband is Red Overtone Earth... and his archetype is the Navigator.

If you want to decode who you are you can do it right here and read more here

It's all VERY telling and spot on...

It is no surprise I am doing the work that I do... the more I learn about the vibration I chose the more truth is revealed...

Let me know if you have questions... AND you can meet my own Galactic Mayan mentor on our first Moon Ceremony call of the Sisters of the Moon if you sign up now!