Welcome to the year of the Fire Monkey

All I can say is here we GO....! 

After a bumpy January thanks to Mercury Retrogrades and epic planetary alignments that took us a little deep into our underworld to purge that which we are done with I am to happy to say that things are shifting and we have a chance to start again. (Thank goodness!) 

My January was a total rollercoaster.  I started at the incredible Lost Paradise festival,  moved house in Sydney (again), did my best to tie up business before Mercury went backwards, flew to India, dove head first into 2 massive retreats (always my biggest teachers), had a some huge lessons and surprises along the way and spent the last few weeks deep in my Goa cave needing rest and recalibration whilst feeling everything in technicolour.  Total surrender as I had hoped to be dancing with my shakti sisters in Arambol's array of dance classes but the body said - "NO GODDESS, you must REST!"  All I can say is this freaking year feels like wave after wave of integration! (holy sheeeeeet). 

Such is the year of the Fire Monkey that has just crossed the threshold of our lives, coinciding with a New Moon in Aquarius.

I really like this time as it feels like a second chance to start the year.  We use early January to set external goals (although you'll remember this is not so much my jam) and this start of the Lunar New Year feels like the time our inner worlds can catch up and join the party (particularly after they took a beating...errr...  or more a clearing in January).  

Back to the Fire Monkey vibes... 

As a Monkey in Chinese astrology I am excited about the prospect of having this adventurous, magical and wildly playful energy in our field.   However, when playing with monkeys one must heed this warning.  BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.  Monkeys are unpredictable, erratic and ready to upset the apple cart in any moment (or steal your snacks or camera if you are not careful)!  This feels so true for this year of extreme energetic shifts, increased light frequency, major DNA activation and no doubt some huge physical, geopolitical and social events.  We are asked to keep our wits about us, to be fluid and ready to roll with anything.      

Let me first tell you about the element of fire...

After several Wood years - symbolising growth, innocence and vision, we are gathering the fire to bring our dreams into fruition.  Things are effectively heating up around here! This passionate fire will help the wood fully express our vision... it's time to manifest what you have been calling in to actuality!   However, having been in a major fire in California 2014 (remember that?) I have seen the power and ferocity of the element first hand and where we use this to our advantage it is wonderful (yay), how it is also highly unpredictable and has the tendency to burn out if it does not have enough fuel.   It all depends on how we manage our fire... so please be mindful!  Nourish your creations of the past few Wood years with slow and steady tending so they don't blow up in your face ( as can happen when possessed by the Monkey spirit).

The Monkey aspect will bring surprises at every turn and it is our job to stay calm in the face of chaos... remembering that we all signed up to be here at this (exciting) time and it will be/already is beautiful on the other side!  We are moving through our highest time of earth evolution - and I feel like September will be a HUGE crescendo and we will experience many waves of awesome and challenge along the way. 

We are shedding the dense physical and remembering our magical true nature, but like any birthing process this can bring some trauma, particularly if we have a penchant for rigidity, dogma and holding on to old ways of being.  

As we ride the waves of increased frequency we must do our best to let go and allow our own physical and energetic body to assimilate the increased light and higher frequency, opening our perception to our awakening gifts and the multidimensional experience we are truly having.  Trust me when I say this is weird territory to navigate and it's only going to keep going so get used to it! We must harmonise in every moment in order to sail through without too many battle scars...

and really it is VERY EXCITING.  This is the greatest time on earth and we are all playing our part!   

I also remind you that we live in a "free will" society so it is ALWAYS your choice how you move through experiences.  You can imagine you are in a choose your own adventure story and literally write your own role in this divine play with your intention and thoughts (REALLY YOU CAN... but it does take trust and focus!)

Phew... Even just writing this I am receiving visions and downloads of what is to come.  Big things are ahead by dear so best be grounded, do good breathing and get ready.  Major transformation is coming down the line... Can you feel it? 

The Aquarius New Moon is a wake up / shake up moon highlighting change.  It asks us to step into and own our uniqueness and also remember that we are all in this time of shift as a team.  Dropping the "I" and BE-ing the WE.  Knowing that our individual gifts lend to a greater mission that is being completed on our planet.  

Interestingly this New Moon (usually the time to plant seeds of intentions) is followed by a void Moon so while it is great to have the vision of where you are going but get ready for the pause to take stock and reflect on what is happening energetically before making drastic changes. 

Do your inner work and embody your truth and all will be OK. 

I am hosting a New Moon Ceremony today with a very special guest Sofia Sundari of Mystical Femininity and I would love you to join in on our Sisters of the Moon call.  You can still invite a sister to the 12 month lunar membership for FREE (and prices have been radically reduced) so get all the info / sign up here.  Our call is at 6.30pm Sydney time tonight (Monday Feb 8)!      

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I love you so much! Happy Lunar New Year 2016