Working with your "guides"

I have a question for you my dear... 

How do you work with your {spirit} guides?  

How do you know when they are giving you messages? 

I have a secret to tell you... they are talking to you all the time.  It is just a matter or bending the imagination a little to open your realm of comprehension to see the bigger picture. 

Kind of like taking the roof off your reality to see what is really out there.

Yep... It's "woo woo" time! 

Just like we all need different foods to feel nourished (in the spirit of bio-individuality), when communing with Spirit we all do it in very different ways.

Some of us FEEL as we are kinisthetic

Some of us HEAR as we are more audio

And some of us SEE as we are more visual

But for now I want to talk about the little signs that you see all the time.  The repetitive ones...

For example the double / triple + numbers... feathers in your path... perhaps seeing a lot of butterflies or lady bugs. 

When you start to notice these things (and the key word here is notice) they are likely to be little reminders of a communication from your team.

A friend of mine said she kept seeing spiders everywhere.. and yeah... you could say, we live in Australia and there are a lot of spiders around most of the time.  But for her she felt the energy of the symbolism in a deeper way than just seeing spiders... like it had a relevance and importance. 

It is this energy that I want you to focus on as you tune into your own perception of your daily life.  

What do you notice around you all the time... ? 

Do you ask for messages of communication and perhaps confirmation of your Spirit team? 

I promise you, the more you ask the more they come through.

Maybe you think you are imagining it all... 

GOOD I say! 

Imagination is the way in... as I said we have to bend and let go of what we have been told and the conditioning of our mind to get back to our essence.

I say so what if you sometimes think you are imagining this wild spiritual ride you are on... I'm sure you are having fun in the process... so keep going dear seeker.  

Your help are surrunding you right now... JUST ASK FOR THEM TO COME THROUGH!